What if I don’t want new socks every day?

Not a problem, Just select a different shipping duration under “How Often” while selecting your package.

What if I don’t like the socks?

That’s impossible. In fact, we guarantee you’ll love our socks. If you’re not completely satisfied, email us at [email protected] and we will arrange the return and issue you a full refund.

Are these disposable socks?

Absolutely not! We are men of exacting standards after all and wouldn’t accept anything less than perfection in our footwear. Our socks were designed with comfort and quality in mind. Comfort doesn’t come with compromises!

What do I do with my old socks?

We have two options: First is “Shed ‘Em and Spread ‘Em”.  Just how it sounds, after you get to feel good wearing brand new socks everyday, you should shed them and spread them to those who need socks the most. This could be as simple as dropping them off at your local thrift shop or shelter.  Second, is using the included prepaid return shipping label by Give Back Box. Use the included label to have your once worn socks shipped directly to Goodwill.

Can I send Sockracy as a gift?

Absolutely. Its actually the very best gift to give! If you want to send one box without a subscription, just select “one time only” after selecting your style. Your card will only be charged once.

When will I receive my first order?

Your first order should arrive within 2-7 business days.

What size are the socks?

One size fits most. US shoe size 6-12. Sock size 10-13. For the big footed men out there, we will be adding larger sizes in the very near future.

What are the socks made out of?

80% polyester and 20% spandex, is the short answer.  But we don’t want to stop there. Polyester comes in a variety of different forms, We only use the softest form of polyester called “big fiber” which will make your feet feel like they’ve been wrapped in a cloud of goodness all day long.

Why don’t you make your socks out of cotton?

Cotton is not always the best material for socks. The biggest reason is that cotton absorbs your sweat and keeps your feet damp all day, leaving you with funky feet. Polyester wicks away moisture, allowing it to evaporate and keep your feet dry throughout the day.

How are your socks so cheap?

We sell direct to our customers and don’t have to pay licensing fees that some of the larger brands have to pay. This allows us to make awesome socks at a price that is affordable to everyone and still keep must have features like arch support and cushioned soles.

What payment methods are accepted?

Visa, Master Card, Discover, American Express. We toyed around with only accepting gold coins.

When will my card be charged?

The date you first signed up and on the same day every recurring month. If you signed up on the 31st of the month, and the next month only has 30 days, your card will be charged on the last day of the month.. Same goes for leap year. For every other month subscriptions, you will be billed the same as above, but every other month.

Will I get my socks on the same day every month?

You will receive your socks about a week before you are scheduled to run out, We want to make sure you always have a brand new pair and never have to submit your feet to the torture of wearing the same pair twice.

Do you ship internationally?

Not yet, but plans to roll out international orders are in the very near future.

Do you ship to Alaska and Hawaii?

Yes! We just charge a small shipping fee.

How do I update my billing information?

Login to your account and update.

Can I cancel my subscription?

We don’t know why you would ever want to go back to living a life full of sock problems, but if you insists on cancelling, you can do so at any time via My Account.

You numb skulls didn’t answer my question!

Forgive us for being a bunch of slackers over here. Shoot us an email at [email protected] and we will get right back to you. (usually within 24 hours)