Shed Socks. Spread Joy.

needs socks

Shed Socks. Spread Joy, is all about helping those in need. It all began during the conceptualization of the Sockracy brand and our dream to create the first New Socks Everyday sock subscription. We knew that there would be others like us, guys that loved the feeling of new socks so much they’d rather not wear the same pair twice, but that’s when the question arose, what would happen to all those socks that were only worn once? We knew we didn’t want to add to the landfills and be wasteful, so we began looking for a way to do some good with these socks. That’s when we discovered that not only is there a need for socks right here in the U.S but the need is pretty significant, in fact, the more we read, the more we knew that we wanted to do more to contribute and help spread awareness about the need for socks.

Turns out socks are one of the most needed and least donated items in homeless shelters and other charities and for many socks are a luxury they simply can’t afford. Our goal is to get our subscribers to donate their like new socks to their local shelters or charities so we can warm the hearts and footsies of those in need and we can spread the love throughout the entire U.S!

So Gentlemen here’s to getting to wear new socks everyday and doing some good in the world.



Give Back Box

Sockracy is also all about convenience and we know not everyone has time to go donate their socks. That’s why we teamed up with Give Back Box to provide you with a free shipping label, so you can send your socks back free of charge and have them donated for you.  Feeling good, while doing good. That’s where it’s at.

The purpose of Give Back Box® is to provide an innovative and effortless method of donating goods and thus maximize worldwide donation of household items on a scale never previously thought possible. This in turn, will reduce waste and by recycling such items, millions of people in need will benefit.

With its motto of “No Box Left Behind” the company’s mission is to perpetuate a paradigm shift in the shopping arena, particularly online, to generate charitable donation on a massive scale.

Using Give Back Box is simple, all you need to do is take the stuff that you no longer want or need, place them in a shipping box, seal the box, attach the pre-paid shipping label that you can print for free at and send your goods to be donated.

You can donate all kinds of items you no longer need clothes, shoes, jewelry, electronics, or any other item you would feel proud to donate.

We highly recommend that our members not only donate their Sockracy socks but also send Give Back Box any other items, so we can spread more and waste less.